Pricing Policy

Our pricing structure is kept as simple as possible, PlanRunner is licenced using the SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) model, you don't have to worry about installing or hosting the software, our servers are hosted securely in the Microsoft Azure cloud.

Our pricing structure reflects the cost of us providing the service to you. All payments are performed securely using https supplied by Comodo.

At present we offer only one package size, as more customers come on board this will be reviewed in line with your needs.

Currently all pricing includes a 50% discount

Large package   6 months for £2,200.00 GBP   12 months for £3,600.00 GBP
(maximum 10 active projects, 20 inactive projects)

All prices exclude VAT

If you prefer to raise a Purchase Order to us we can supply you an invoice. Please contact us using

The number of Active Projects refers to the number of projects you can have running at the same time.
The number of Inactive Projects refers to the number of projects that can be left hidden or inactive. These do not generate notifications and users cannot update tasks on these.

Unless there are exceptional circumstances we do not offer refunds for unused months

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