Welcome to Plan Runner, the tool that helps you to run your projects

When you have created your project plan and want to let your team do their tasks traditionally you have distributed your plan to them using Excel® or email and then had to keep on top of the team doing their tasks in the correct order and at the correct time. Plan Runner does this for you.
  • Share project plans you have spent hours crafting with the people who need to see and use them.
  • Easily let the people performing your tasks know when to do them. Plan Runner will remind them and warn you when they don't - you will see the instant things start to go wrong.
  • Loose the emotion! Get smoother, easier, more visible execution of your projects. Improved visibility allows reaction to projects starting to derail reducing over-run and costs.
  • PlanRunner thrives on short timescale, low slack critical projects, such as implementation plans, Disaster Recovery plans & event plans. It also improves visibility and confidence in long term projects such as lifecycle plans.
  • PlanRunner captures just how long it took to do the tasks in your plan and exports them back into your project allowing you to refine projects that repeat.

Project Manager usage flow diagram
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